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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of clothes do I wear?

Anything you feel comfortable in. You will be walking and spinning, with some large arm and leg movements - it's your call as to what you think will be optimal clothing!

What shoes are appropriate?

Typically, shoes with a lot of friction or very high heeled shoes are not suitable for Latin genres of dance unless at an advanced level. Wear shoes that will let you travel with ease, especially since turning and pivoting on your feet is an integral part of these dances!

Do I need a partner?

No! Partners are not necessary. We try the best we can to have an even ratio to optimize the learning process. However, constant rotation of partners is also utilized to "subsidize" the uneven ratio.

Where is MBC 2290?

MBC 2290 is located on the 2000 level of Maggie Benston Centre (same level as the Food Court and Bookstore), in the hallway to the right of the SFSS Student Centre.

Who is responsible for what within the dance?

In Latin dancing, we refer to the roles in partner dancing as leads and follows. Although men traditionally occupy the lead role and women the follow, anyone is free to choose what role they'd like to fill and learn! Leads dictate the flow and organization of the dance as they give gestures that indicates certain moves to the follow, while the follows pick up on these cues and execute the move the lead wants - overall, the dances are about connection and harmony between the lead and the follow, not the excellence of one side.

Will I have to remember choreography?

One of the wonderful things about salsa and bachata is that these genres do not require choreography. Salsa nad bachata are danced socially, where every song is danced with a new partner and where every dance is made up on the fly, dictated only by the music and the connection each pair has. Our class focuses on developing each student's repertoire of moves, as well as their own personal style of salsa and bachata!